Kallvest is accredited by PFTC (Professional Firearms Trainers Council) and  SAPS (South African Police Services) to offer  Firearm Training in both the Private and Business category.

In today’s environment, learning how to use, store and correctly handle a firearm is a must. Kallvest offers state of the art Firearm training courses and training for absolute beginner firearm enthusiast to advanced marksman.Here at Kallvest, our training and safety is of the highest calibre, and no lee-way is given to unsafe practices.

What you can expect

1) In our basic or beginner Firearm / Shooting training you will learn the following techniques.

  • Safe firearm handling techniques
  • Basic firearm handling skills
  • Safe Making procedures
  • Loading and unloading firearm procedures
  • Range procedures
  • Fundamentals of firearm shooting
  • General firearm techniques that is focused to make you comfortable with your firearm.

2) The second part of the training will consist of practical firearm shooting exercises that will commence with the Application of the Seven Fundamentals of firearm shooting. (Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight, picture, Trigger control, breathing, follow through)

3) To be continued until all trainees are comfortable with the handling of the firearm during practical shooting exercises.

4) The aim is to progress with all the trainees to a level where he/she is able to use the firearm in a stressful situation and have a real chance to defend him/herself or somebody else.

Categories you can apply for are:

(Private and Business Purposes)

  • Handgun 
  • Shotgun 
  • Manually Loading Rifle and Carbine 
  • Self-Loading Rifle and Carbine 
  • Reg 21(viii) & s(xi) Theory and Practical (by law, once a year for Businesses)

Should you require firearm training to use for Business purposes – you first need to complete the Private category before advancing to the Business purposes of the same calibre.