sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions
sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Kallvest’s Industrial Cleaning division specialises in Industrial Sites. This involves complex cleaning of various Industrial spaces.

  • Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Industrial Parks
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Distribution Centres

Unlike Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning (factory cleaning and warehouse cleaning) requires a more hands on approach. Industrial Cleaning requires more stringent cleaning material and harder cleaning methods to remove the dirt and grease from manufacturing plants, warehouses and factories.

The machinery used in the warehouse cleaning and factory cleaning is usually much larger than that used in the cleaning of the Commercial Industry. All staff employed under Kallvest’s Industrial Cleaning are highly qualified and highly experienced in various types of specialised cleaning.

  • De-greasing of hard floor areas
  • Dusting down ducts
  • Guttering the gutters
  • Brickwork
  • Window cleaning

Due to the use of dangerous Industrial Cleaning equipment, Kallvest believes in strict health and safety policies and procedures. Our Health and Safety team will always make sure that Kallvest’s Industrial Cleaners as well as clients, are safe at all times.

Our industrial Cleaners are also Qualified to operate various equipment and machinery for warehouse cleaning and factory cleaning,

  • Scrubber Driers
  • Rotary buffers
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Pressure Washers

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning

Kallvest Cleaning has an environmental policy in place as Kallvest believes in the green initiative, being compliant in the NCCA – The National Contractor

Cleaners Association of South Africa.

When cleaning an industrial site Kallvest bears in mind that certain products could affect certain clients such as: Pharmaceutical products and Food Services around South Africa. We are HACCP Compliant.

What is HACCP you say?

HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP usually affects the following industries:

  • Beverages
  • Food Services
  • Hospitality and health care

Kallvest ensure that all Industrial Cleaning is engaged in the correct manner, i.e. different multi coloured cloths for certain areas, or specific chemicals that can’t leave a residue to contaminate food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics, or pose a danger to a patient in a health institution.

Full Site Survey

Due to Industrial Sites being so specialised, a proper site analysis needs to be done on- site. Kallvest has to determine the product and machinery that needs to be used on the site.

Once we have put together an analysis, a proper affordable and price effective industrial quote will be put together.

Contact Kallvest for further information involving factory cleaning and warehouse cleaning in Johannesburg.