sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions
sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Finding a good residential cleaning contractor that provides excellent service, reliability and consistency is not an easy quest. Kallvest ensures that each and every property is treated as if it were our own. General maintenance and cleaning are both given acute attention. Our residential cleaning tackles various areas within an estate or complex:

  • Residential complex
  • Club house
  • Pool area
  • Grounds
  • Gardens

Finding a company that provides all these outstanding residential cleaning services used to be an almost impossible task in South Africa in prior years. However, now that Kallvest has emerged, things could not get any easier. Kallvest promises to perform the following residential cleaning services:

  • General deep cleaning of bathrooms and clubhouse facilities (regular cleaning to prevent mildew and bacteria build-up)
  • Daily replenishment of consumables (toilet paper, hand soap etc.)
  • Otto bins cleaned out and disinfected daily
  • Pest prevention
  • Light fittings dusted
  • Fire hydrants dusted

Kallvest’s considered estate cleaning and complex cleaning will take care of all your cleaning and grounds maintenance worries. The residential cleaning services will also organise everything that surrounds the tasks of efficient residential cleaning, care and maintenance.

With the residential cleaning and grounds maintenance services that Kallvest provides, you can now be sure that all these and more will get done. By providing outstanding cleaning and grounds maintenance services, Kallvest makes sure that Body Corporates, Estate Managers and residents can sit back and relax, knowing that their complex is well taken care.  

We are the best in what we do, and will go above and beyond what is expected. We realised that as a successful residential cleaning business, value for money is a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked.

Our objective here at Kallvest is to please, with years of sound experience, solid expertise and skills in cleaning and grounds maintenance services. This is attributed to our success in achieving the best results in grounds maintenance and property cleaning services in Gauteng. It is no surprise that Kallvest cleaning is trusted by hundreds of Body’s Corporate and Managing Agents all over South Africa.

If you require efficient and reliable residential cleaning services for your complex, estate or Body Corporate in Gauteng, South Africa, then look no further. Kallvest cleaning will effectively offer you the solutions to all of your grounds maintenance and residential cleaning requirements.

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