sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions
sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions


Kallvest have the highest standards when it comes to the retail sector. Not only does the property company have high expectations but so do the shop owners and of course the clients who enter the shop on a daily basis.

Our cleaning staff in the retail cleaning sectors are known as janitorial staff. Retail cleaning and shop cleaning done by Kallvest, ensures that the retail centres, retail park, shopping centres and larger malls are cleaned up to the highest standards. We ensure that all areas of the buildings are cleaned to the expectation of both the property company and the normal working shop owner.

When conducting shop cleaning or store cleaning, common areas that we clean are as follows:

  • Walkways
  • Food Courts
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking areas
  • Smoking Areas
  • Cleaning of the windows of the entrance and exits

Due to ongoing traffic of customers to the retail sectors there is an ongoing retail cleaning system that needs to be put in place. With our special rostering of retail cleaning staff, Kallvest can make sure that even the minor, isolated areas are cleaned to the highest standards. At the end of the day the customer has the overall impression of your retail sector.

Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning

Due to the ongoing traffic of customers, the toilets and bathrooms must be looked after daily.

  • Cleaning
  • Scouring
  • Disinfecting

Germs multiply every second and this is why at all times retail sectors must have a contractual cleaner on- site. In the retail sectors most of the property management companies and even the shop owners know that it is the little detail that counts. Kallvest believes a customer feels more invited to the retail park, retail sector, mall and shopping centre if they are well maintained and clean.

Kallvest believesin appointing only the best shop cleaning and store cleaning staff for the retail section. Having ongoing contact with the public, Kallvest’s retail cleaners must look respectable at all times.

Our store cleaning and shop cleaning staff are highly qualified and don’t just clean the common areas but are educated and specialised in the cleaning the lifts of the retail market.

So why change to Kallvest? Because we are the best of the best.

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