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Kallvest provides comprehensive security solutions, which thoroughly safeguard hospitality and leisure environments without intruding on ambience.

All officers deployed to this sector are trained not only in all relevant security aspects, but also in interpersonal skills such as public relations and conflict resolution. They have also acquired comprehensive public safety skills such as fire fighting, evacuation and first aid.


Internal shopping mall security- our guards are properly trained, with strong emphasis on observation and visibility. Guards also perform a public relations function and are able to provide general information regarding the relevant shopping complex to customers

In-store security– all guards are trained on store operating rules and procedures, customer care, customer theft techniques, fitting room control as well as searching of staff.

External shopping mall security– parking areas are patrolled by officers who are trained to spot suspicious or unusual behaviour. Their presence alone often discourages potential criminal activity.

Integrated technology solutions including alarm systems and panic buttons, as well as CCTV systems throughout the centre are monitored by officers at central control rooms


Excellent hotel security is an absolute necessity, and must be designed and implemented to ensure that guests feel safe, but not restricted or inconvenienced. Hotel security is a never-ending task of balancing guest security and comfort. Kallvest undertake hotel security management projects with a special focus on getting the right balance between risk management and hospitality.


We provides golfing and residential estates with an all-encompassing security solution that assures residents and visitors alike, the highest levels of safety and security.

Kallvest's comprehensive offering begins with a risk analysis by a specialised team who then compile a report, setting out recommendations on safety and security requirements. This report then forms the basis for providing a tailor-made security solution for the client.

Security services include:

  • Perimeter security
  • Access control and monitoring by either dedicated access cards, registers, CCTV and/or other integrated technology solutions, or CCTV to alarm systems and panic buttons
  • Drills and training initiatives to ensure staff can counter all possible threats they might encounter
  • Management involvement/support to monitor operations and obtain security updates