sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions
sec-pic1green cleaning solutionsenvironmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Tailor-made and compliant hygiene maintenance solutions for germ-free environments.

At Kallvest, we define hygiene as personal and occupational care. Whether you are making use of residential, retail, commercial or industrial spaces the importance of good hygiene should never be overlooked. By applying healthy hygiene practices you ensure that not only your household but also your occupational, commercial and work environments kept germ-free, clean and healthy.

Our years of industry know-how has enabled us to understand that overall good hygiene practices involve:

  • Evaluating and understanding of your environment
  • Adequate budgetary planning
  • Comprehensive maintenance routines
  • Reliable and trustworthy suppliers 

As result, we have developed hygiene maintenance solutions that comply with the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) of South Africa which are cost-effective and to the highest of standards.

    We offer flexibility to our clients through offering an investment solution that meets your exact needs: 
  • Once-off investment options (Serviced and non-serviced plans)
  • Rental agreements (Monthly and annually)
  • Support through maintenance plans

Through offering a multi-service solution you will have freedom of choice and a wide selection of cleaning products supported by Kallvest that are environmentally-friendly, with an investment option that best meets your budget.

Our services and solutions consist of:

Cubicle protection

At Kallvest we specialise in the mounting, replenishing and maintaining of hygienic protection for a variety of needs and the range consists of:

  • Cubicle dispensers, rollers and seat sanitisers
  • Fitted paper, air and cotton hand dryers
  • Waste dispensers both free standing and wall mounted
  • She bins with sanitary pack dispensers
  • Fixed liquid and foam hand sterilisers
  • Electronic, waterless and moisturising hand sanitisers
  • Non-touch and traditional hand washing dispensers
  • Wipe dispensers for both hands and toilets
  • Innovative hygiene stands

Deep clean and urinal maintenance

In addition, Kallvest takes exacting care in ensuring that you are protected from unpleasant odours from unsanitariness build-up which can lead to contamination through our deep cleaning and maintenance services with professionally trained staff, including:

  • Kitchen deep clean
  • Fridges and work tops
  • Drains and sinks
  • Restrooms deep clean
  • Cleaning of locker rooms and shower drains
  • Toilet and urinal cleaning
  • Urinal sanitisers with antibacterial liquids
  • Automatic urinal flushing solutions

Air care and dust control

Besides the need for hygiene and cleaning, Kallvest appreciates the fact that your business and environments benefit from not only being healthier but also from safety as well as respectable appearances, our product range includes: 

  • Odour neutralising air care dispensers
  • Tamper free aromatic air fresheners
  • Edged grease mats for safety in kitchens
  • Non-slip rubber mats for prevention of work accidents
  • Dust and dirt trap entrance mats for high foot traffic areas

Kallvest prides itself in offering a 360 degree approach, with flexibility to meet all of your hygiene needs. Enquire now to make us your hygiene partner of choice.