Home Safety: When You Are Not There

- If you have to leave your home for an extended period of time, create the illusion that someone is home.


- Make sure that all doors and windows are properly locked before you leave.


- Keep your blinds and drapes shut. ...

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Key Hand Sanitizer Locations

Organizations that encourage regular use of hand sanitizer tend to have healthier workers. A study found that office workers who were encouraged to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at least five times each workday were about two-thirds less likely to get sick than those who c...

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Termite Infestation?

Termites can cause severe damages to your home or business. Because termites are often not identified before considerable damage has occurred, it is advised to contact a pest control professional before attempting to address the problem on your own. Here are a few common signs of termites that...

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Getting Caught in the Middle of a Protest: Safety Tips.

If you do happen to get stuck in the middle of a protest, stay calm and don’t panic. The following steps may help you to avoid danger:


1. Check for escape routes. Try to get out of the protest area quickly and safely.

2. Stay in your ca...

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10 Handy Dusting Tips:

Dusting Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures -To dust ceiling fans and light fixtures use a bendable duster.  You can bend the shaft to suit any light or fan configuration. Corners, Moldings & Door Frames - Grab a mop pole and an old sock (or a microfiber cloth), place it ...

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How to Stay Safe During an Armed Robbery.

Being in an armed robbery can be a terrifying experience that nobody should ever have to go through. It is extremely important to know exactly what to do if you ever find yourself in such a position. Below are a few guidelines that may be helpful:

1) Try to control your fear. Re...

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The Truth about Cockroaches and Asthma

When you have asthma, you know that you have to avoid asthma triggers, such as cold air, strenuous exercise, dust mites, tobacco smoke, pollen, mould and pets. However, do you know that cockroaches can also trigger your asthma attack?

Decomposed debris and faecal matter from coc...

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Power Outage Safety Tips

When the power is out, it could take your alarm, and other security features down with it. Here are some tips for keeping safe when the power is down.

Make sure all alarm batteries are charged and working. An alarms’ backup battery will power the system for eight hours on...

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Latest Hijacking Hotspots in Johannesburg

Top worst areas: 1. Booyesns - 250 Incidents 2. Jeppe - 238 Incidents 3. Ivory Park - 163 Incidents 4. Dobsonville - 155 Incidents 5. Moffarview - 155 Incidents 6. JHB Central - 151 Incidents 7. Honeydew -149 Incidents

Remember to remain vigilant and alert everywhe...

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5 Things to Look For Before Hiring a Pest Control Company

1. Identify the pest and do some research about how to control it – try to identify the pest and look online for information on managing the problem. Based on this information, determine if management is needed and if it is, whether or not you can safely and effectively address the probl...

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Easy Tricks to Spring Clean Your Office

1. Divide Your Workspace Into Zones - Set up zones for your daily functions. You may require a workspace for your computer, a library area for your research, a storage area for supplies and a filing area for your archives. This will provide a foundation for a more efficient use of sp...

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Pest Control

Lack of understanding - Having an understanding of pest behaviour is important. You may end up using the wrong chemical for the wrong pest type and this may make the situation worse than ever before.

Underestimating the problem - Self-help methods largely perform deterrent or co...

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Carpet Cleaning to Remove Flea Infestation


While fleas are more of a problem in the summer months, for pet owners, they can be a problem all year round. Below are a few guidelines that may help rid these pests from your carpets.


Vacuum your carpet thoroughly - Use the noz...

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How to Make the Most of Your Cleaning Service

Here are a few useful tips you can use to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your professional cleaning service company.


Open communication – make sure your cleaning company knows exactly what is expected of them. Raise ...

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Be Safe This Women’s Month with These 6 Safety Tips.

1. Always be aware - This is your first line of defence. Eliminate the element of surprise by always ensuring you remain aware while going through your day to day duties of work, kids, school run and other errands.

2. Use your sixth sense - Your intuition is a powerful subc...

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How Fast Do Multiply in Your Home?

Mice may seem small and harmless, but they can do a whole lot of damage to your home and business. Mice can easily grow in numbers, but they can just as easily stay hidden for a long time.

Mice are breeding machines. The gestation period is about 19–21 days....

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3 Reasons Why Workplace Hygiene Should Be Taken Seriously

When it comes to the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance. Every workplace needs to be hygienic not just for the sake of having a good reputation and making good impressions but also for the sake of health and safety of ev...

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12 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Abduction

Crime experts have predicted that kidnapping children for ransom will become a trend in South Africa. With around 11 children taken every day for child trafficking or smuggling, it is vital that parents are well informed.


Teach your children to:

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How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpeting is expensive, therefore you want to maintain your carpet long term. Keeping carpets clean is an ongoing project and regular cleaning is key. Below are a few tips that will help you keep your carpet spotless:


Vacuum regularly - Dirt and debri...

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Cockroaches: Starve ‘em out!

Cockroaches can be a headache to get rid of, but there are certain measures you can take to keep them out of your home or business. Cockroaches can find something to eat just about anywhere. They eat crumbs, pet food, dead leaves, and trash. If they get really hungry, they might even eat glue ...

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5 Safety Tips for Security Guards

Security guards face various risks in the workplace, and to help protect others, they need to make sure they feel safe too. Here are 7 safety tips for security guards to help them perform at the top of their game.

1. Think ahead Plan out for the worst case scenarios, and ...

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7 Things Most Businesses Forget To Clean

Most facility managers remember to wipe down desktops, dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms. But there are inevitably several areas around the workplace that get overlooked, leaving a bad impression for customers and visitors.

 Here are the top 7 things you probably forgot ...

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9 Pest Myths Busted

Myth 1: Clean homes are pest free – Although a clean home can deter pests, they are still after what we have — food, water and shelter. Many pests such as roaches and even rodents can fit through tiny cracks and crevices in search of these resources. T...

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What to Do During an Armed Robbery

Being in an armed robbery can be a terrifying experience that nobody should ever have to go through. It is extremely important to know exactly what to do if you ever find yourself in such a position. Below are a few guidelines that may be helpful:

1) Try to control your fear. Re...

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Kallvest Extends Gauteng Footprint With New Office in Edenvale

Using Fourways, Johannesburg, as its Head Office, Kallvest meets and exceeds customers’ needs throughout the Gauteng region, with regional offices based in the Eastern and Western Cape. With a clear passion for service excellence, Kallvest stands true to its values of incorruptability, c...

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Keep It Safe. 5 Rules For Security Guards

5 Rules for Security Guards and for the security task at hand.

Smart security is a must! That is one of our top rules for security guards. Think of the clients who visit your office. Consider your employees’ workspace. Take into account how they need to feel at home. Safety is ke...

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What is a security guard? 2 must ask questions.

In the world of faster communication, where individuals have the ability to become influencers in their immediate environment, we ask “what is a security guard?” Having your employees as brand ambassadors is key to success. 2 questions we put to you are:

Why shouldn...

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Skilled security guards: 4 reasons to have the right compliant provider

Skilled security guards are in demand as safety has become one of the most important things to consider and have in South Africa today. We give you 4 reasons why you need to have the right compliant security provider that will, amongst other things, help you reduce your costs. In 2011, South A...

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The Protea President Hotel and Raddison Blu join Kallvest

Kallvest are proud to announce that we now the security provider for the Protea President Hotel in Cape Town and the security and cleaning provider for the Raddison Blu hotel in Port Elizabeth.

Sectional Title Security - who is responsible?

In addition to ...

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Anti Hi-jacking tips and ideas

1. Park your car in well lit, highly populated areas. Park where people can see and hear you if you are targeted for a carjacking or any other crime.

2. If you are approaching your car and a large van is parked on the drivers’ side of your car, get in on the passenger side...

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Kallvest expands its footprint into Mpumalanga

Kallvest is proud to announce its expansion into Mpumalanga.Kallvest will shortly be providing security to Kanhym Farms, situated on a 10 000 ha farm on the skirts of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.Kanhym are the largest producer of pork in the country and market leaders in the breeding stock market. ...

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From Smart Security to Considered Cleaning. Everything that the property owner needs

Newsletter edition 1 of 2013


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Security solutions and tips to keep in mind in 2013

It's a brand new year, filled with all sorts of possibilities. Not only for you, your family or your business but for criminals too. Unfortunately this is a hard- hitting reality that South Africans are faced with daily. But there are ways of ensuring that you and your business don't become targe...

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Industrial Cleaning: the facts about why it is important

Often factories, warehouses, depots and other large industrial spaces are neglected when it comes to acute cleaning needs. Despite the fact that these areas might not receive as much customer traffic, it is imperative that they are maintained and cared for appropriately. Taking pride in indust...

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Popular Security Solutions aren’t always Effective Solutions

There are as many security solutions out there as there are criminals and types of criminal activity. In 2007 alone, there were approximately 27 business burglaries a day. When it comes to guarding your business, home or retail property, only the very best should be good enough. However often ...

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Security expense not the biggest grudge purchase

According to the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), security expenses account for only 6% of the total operating cost of properties. Electricity (32%), rates and taxes (21%) and management costs (8%) rank highest on the list of expenses.

"It is understandabl...

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How investing in early childhood & basic education can benefit all

Kallvest says renewed emphasis on little learners can bring big results

Government's decision to spend R6.6 billion on the foundational education phase during the next financial year is to be applauded. The wisdom of this investment is borne out by volumes of international research...

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Kallvest Expands its Footprint into the Eastern Cape

Kallvest acquires Iqela Security and Cleaning

Kallvest, one of South Africa's leading integrated solutions companies, has acquired top Eastern Cape's security and cleaning service provider, Iqela. The company's services to its clients will continue uninterrupted, but, from ...

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Kallvest steps up to assist St Francis Care Centre 20 March 2013

Identifying a need in the community, the Kallvest Group stepped forward with a R3000 cash donation for the local charity St Francis Care Centre.

Based on Johannesburg’s East Rand, the St Francis Care Centre has been in operation since 1992, when it was establishe...

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Non PSIRA Compliant? Face The Consequences…

As a business paying for a service, you expect the very best results and attention to detail. However this is not always the case and more commonly, slack service has become present in the Private Security Industry. With the amount of time it takes to undergo training, the heavy costs involved...

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The Sectional Title Living Seminar

Owning a unit in a Sectional Title Scheme (complex, townhouse etc.) might offer convenience and safety however how many owners truly know the in’s and out of the Sectional Title Act? Included in the act is important information that these home owners might wonder on a monthly basis: levy...

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Kallvest lends a hand to the aged

Once again seeing a need in the community as the colder weather bites into the hearts and limited finances of the most needy, the Kallvest Group stepped forward with a R2000 cash donation to help the local Frederic Place Home for the Aged.

Based in Johannesburg, the Frederic Pla...

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iPad 2 Competition Winner

Our iPad competition has come to an end. On 16 May 2012 we handed over the iPad 2 to the lucky winner, Dieter Volker.

Congratulations to, Dieter.


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What You Need to Know About Technology and Private Security

From CCTV to Access Control - What You Need to Know About Technology and Private Security

Private security companies are no strangers to advanced technology. From sophisticated security cameras and CCTV to hi-tech alarm systems and access control, the tools of the private security...

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Rotary and SOJO Annual Charity Race Day

On Saturday, 12th May, Kallvest sponsored the 9th horse race at the Charity Horse Race, hosted by SOJO. The event was held at Turffontein Race Course and all profits made were donated to the UCPA (United Cerebral Palsy Association).

Thank you to everyone who attended and an even...

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Are Private Security Companies The Answer?

It’s no secret that crime stats in South Africa are amongst some of the worst in the world. The issue was shot into the international spotlight when the country secured the bid to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup, and despite governmental promises, crime in South Africa continues to be a hig...

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Your Home Security Provider should be PSIRA Compliant

Kallvest provides what every home owner needs, a reliable smart security system and an impeccable cleaning service. Your home is your safe place; you keep all your valuables there including your family so why not guard them with a legitimate and credible home security company? Kallvest is a co...

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Kallvest Lends A Helping Hand To Furry Friends

Husky Rescue SA Benefits with Exspot Donation

It’s a case of “flea be gone!” for some fortunate dogs from Husky Rescue SA in Johannesburg, with the handing over of 7 boxes of Exspot today. Kallvest, in conjunction with Astrodon Property Management donated five boxes o...

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Kallvest Supports Local NPO Diepsloot Youth Projects

Not willing to simply protect, serve and provide valuable services to the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria communities while conducting their business, the Kallvest Group, along with two partners, has lent a much needed helping hand to the Diepsloot Youth Projects with a generous donation of ...

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Kallvest Cheque hand over

On Tuesday the 10th of April 2012 Kallvest's very first security guard, Charles Ndlovu KAL001, received a cheque from Kallvest management for his outstanding service and loyalty to the company.

Seen handing over the cheque are: Tracey Maaske ...

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