Being in an armed robbery can be a terrifying experience that nobody should ever have to go through. It is extremely important to know exactly what to do if you ever find yourself in such a position. Below are a few guidelines that may be helpful:

1) Try to control your fear. Remain calm and obey the robber. Do what the robber demands so that the theft ends quickly without any mishaps.

2) Keep your hands raised so that the intruder can always see them. If you are about to move, tell them what you are doing.

3) Speak only when spoken to. Do not plead or try to change the robber’s mind. Try to answer back in confidence with short sentences.
4) Give the intruder what they demand – don’t lie about valuables.

5) Without making it too obvious, observe the robber and try to remember details like age, sex, race, height, facial features, scars, tattoos, clothing and weapons. This may help police to identify the intruder.

6) Attempt to memorise what they touch in order to assist police with fingerprints.

7) When the intruder leaves – note the direction of the getaway, description of the vehicle and vehicle registration number.

8) Call the police or activate your security alarm immediately.