1. Stay awake and alert at all times - You may be tempted to read a book, check your messages, or take a quick nap on public transportation, but that’s the perfect way to have your wallet, handbag and other stuff stolen.


  1. Keep close control over your bags and packages - Do not put your purse or shopping bag down next to you. Keep them in your lap, under your arm or between your feet. This is especially important if you have several bags or packages


  1. Know the route, departure times, pick up locations, and how much money and change you will need to pay. Thieves are looking for someone who is distracted and leaving cash out in the open.


  1. Avoid sitting next to the door. This is the best spot for a snatch and grab. Sit near the driver.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uneasy or threatened, change your seat or alert the driver. If needed get off at the next busy stop.


  1. Wait in a lighted and busy area. If not possible wait in a nearby store or place where there are people and you can see when your transportation arrives.