Over the last few years, remote jamming has become an increasingly common in parking lots across South Africa. Criminals fiddle the system and stop your remote from activating the lock so that they can steal your stuff, or worse, your car. For them, it’s the work of minutes with a big payoff. Using an inconspicuous hand-held device, thieves can block the signal from a vehicle and its remote/key-fob, leaving motorists with no idea.

Here are a few easy ways to avoid becoming a victim of remote jamming:

  1. Always double check – Always make sure that your car is locked before walking away. Don’t believe that car remotes are sufficient to secure vehicles. Once the car is locked, there’s nothing that a remote jammer can do to change that.

  2. Don’t make yourself a target - In many instances, car jammers target the goods inside vehicles, rather than for the car itself. Always ensure that you keep your valuables out of sight.

  3. Install a tracker system –by installing a car tracking system in your vehicle, you will make it likelier to be recovered in the event that it is stolen.