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Kallvest is a proud member of the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA) (Reg No KAL402) and complies with local, regional and national industry regulations. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Pest Control Service Personnel are available to make your pest problems vanish before they become a nightmare!

At Kallvest, our solutions are as unique and varied as your business. As we all know, first impressions last and we at Kallvest would like to ensure that your customers remember you for your impeccable service, customer relations or sales advice – and not a variety of pest control problems.

Our pest control experience ranges across Commercial, Retail, Residential and the Hospitality/Leisure Industry:

  • Commercial:
    There is no place within your office for pests. Office and computer equipment, cables and stock as just some of the at risk products within the office environment from rodents.
  • Retail:
    The nature of the retail environment allows numerous entry and exit points and with various opening and shutting of doors, deliveries being made as well as numerous stock holding areas that provide good hiding places for a variety of pests. Cables, stock, shop fitting and display merchandise are exceptionally vulnerable to rodents.
  • Residential:
    Your home is your castle, with no place for pests. Flying and crawling insects, as well as seasonal pests, can become a terrible bother in your home overnight. Trust the experts to eradicate and solve your domestic pest problems.
  • Hospitality/Leisure Industry:
    Our range of pest control solutions for hotels and leisure establishments will reduce the risk of encounters with unwanted pests, while keeping your rooms available and your restaurants ticking over, while your reputation remains intact.

We know just how pesky and adaptable pests are and have the ability to create a tailor made treatment plan to eradicate your problem and protect both your customer base and your reputation! With years’ of experience our team know critters, whether flying or crawling and big or small!

Specialised Risk Services & Audits

Pest control forms an important part of company audits, especially those in the food-industry and is also a major section of internal audits performed by companies with a HACCP quality system or quality management systems. Kallvest is able to assist companies with these audits, providing guidelines on needed requirements and tips for keeping areas clear of pests, while providing pest maintenance solutions pertaining to risk assessments.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety remains of paramount importance to Kallvest. Pest risks as well as diseases associated therewith are alleviated, while the potential damage to buildings and electrical wiring, stock and equipment is lessened.

Working in partnership with Kallvest and our trained Pest Control Specialists to improve your pest prevention strategy, will also improve the health and safety within your organization.

We at Kallvest are also committed to managing and maintaining compliance within the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) and its regulations. As an organisation, we aim for continuous improvement of our health and safety record.

Service & Maintenance Plans

Since many pests are active year-round, we believe year-round protection is the best protection. Our pest maintenance program is designed to discourage pests from infesting your home or business.

Kallvest offers a variety of service options, including, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or once-off services. Our general pest control program covers ants, cockroaches, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, mice and many other common pests.

Kallvest is pleased to offer the following Pest Control Services:

  • Rodent Monitoring & Control including mice, rats and moles;
  • Insect Monitoring & Control including flying (flies, moths, mosquitos and wasps) and crawling insects (ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs);
  • Insect Identification Services where damage and mayhem is caused by vermin unknown;
  • Eradication of Termites and Termite Treatment;
  • Independent Pest Control Technical Audits

Kallvest’s Pest Maintenance Treatments include a variety of options for you:

  • Combination of Treatments:
    This includes fumigation, misting, gelling, dusting and/or spraying;
  • Insect Light Traps:
    This option provides active treatment of flying insect control, with fly trap units providing fast and effective insect eradication;
  • Monthly Services:
    Includes surface spray repellants, insect light traps and insecticidal aerosol dispensers;
  • Rodent Bait Control:
    Tamperproof rodent boxes scattered around your perimeter makes an excellent deterrent for rats and mice. These are maintained and regularly serviced.

Our integrated treatment systems with their proven results are what you need to permanently squash your pest problem. CONTACT KALLVEST today for an obligation free quote and make your pesky pest problems a thing of the past.