According to the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), security expenses account for only 6% of the total operating cost of properties. Electricity (32%), rates and taxes (21%) and management costs (8%) rank highest on the list of expenses.

"It is understandable that property owners consider security a grudge purchase, as there is no direct financial return on investment to be calculated," says Pierre van Wyk, MD of Kallvest. "The proper management of risks, of which sufficient security services is but one focus area, is where the return on investment can be found."

During the past year armed robberies have increased on average by 36.6% for the retail industry, 78.6% on shopping malls and 63.2% for jewelry stores from the previous financial year."Considering these statistics, property owners can not afford to scrimp on security services. With more evolved integrated security solutions, there are ways of protecting yourself from being a target."

What do the experts suggest?

Van Wyk suggests seeking advice from a professional security company that can advise on security solutions specific to your needs, leading to cost savings without reducing efficacy. While there are basic steps property owners should apply to better protect themselves against crime, partnering with a security company can have the benefit of customised risk reduction solutions.

"South Africans purchase property in estates that promise to be secure and surround themselves with high walls, all in an effort to try and purchase guaranteed safety," says van Wyk. "The security services sector has acquired a bad reputation over the past few years due to fly-by-night operators that increase rather than decrease risk for property owners. Security companies are however not all charlatans. Property owners are advised to contract companies that are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) as registered security firms have to comply with a strict code of conduct."

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