In the world of faster communication, where individuals have the ability to become influencers in their immediate environment, we ask “what is a security guard?” Having your employees as brand ambassadors is key to success. 2 questions we put to you are:

  1. Why shouldn't the boom gate operator stand for your brand while keeping you safe?
  2. Why shouldn't the security guard make a great 1st impression?

Build your reputation with compliant services through alternative thinking, our unique approach and definite results. Here are 4 state-of-the-art services to minimise your risk while making the right impression when choosing your security guard duties and solutions.

1 - Attention to detail

The world of business is precarious in the age we live in today. This means market leadership is never guaranteed anymore. A few start-ups today might, in a few years, be your boss as a big company. So this makes paying attention to detail one of the most important tools in your arsenal. That is why we abide by rules for security guards we hire.

This allows you to have the ability to make great first impressions, which can have an impact on your bottom-line, safety and your success.

2 - Smart security

Different thinking and approaches produce a new set of results. And in the business of protecting lives, smart security is a must. There is no other way than to have high level security services and trained guards who are provided by the company that you can trust. With crime statistics not coming down at the speed in which they have to, smart security has become a necessity.

3 - Trustworthy technology

The world around us changes so quickly that keeping safe requires strengthening our security systems in our homes and places of work. Remote camera monitoring and other types of security technology is a rapidly growing industry and this is the reason we spend an considerable amount of time and other resources making sure that we stay competitive and abreast of new trends in our field. This keeps us a step ahead and you, safe. All of our technology is made for your specific needs. Even then, skills of a security guard are crucial. This means that we carefully evaluate your needs and enable you to select the best solutions for your budget.

4 - Compliant and fully trained staff

When employees are treated as brand ambassadors – since they have the first contact with customers – amazing things begin to happen. Compliance in matters of security is of high importance. Ensuring that your safety is paramount we look to our team’s security guard careers where you can have peace of mind in a trustworthy force. Choosing a provider who puts everything into their security guarding business, translates into an unmatched service and ethics providing you with not only input into your business but also value you can trust. Security guard certification is essential to our team to be the ultimate best-in-the-industry.

Due to the fact that our security guards are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge you will consistently be able to take advantage of an impressive safety service. We are proud that we have managers who were once security guards and who understand how your business works as well as the importance of delivering a turnkey security guard solution.

Maximise your safety by acquiring our brains and brawn which will offer you state-of-the-art protection. Our aim is to be known for holding ourselves to our promises of transparency and giving our clients peace of mind because we follow strict industry practices with all of our security guards as well as the way we deal with both our staff and most importantly, our customers.