It’s a brand new year, filled with all sorts of possibilities. Not only for you, your family or your business but for criminals too. Unfortunately this is a hard- hitting reality that South Africans are faced with daily. But there are ways of ensuring that you and your business don’t become targets.  

As security solutions have developed and “evolved” into integrated, robust systems, it has become increasingly difficult for criminals to gain access to and rob properties of all types. Regardless the caliber of criminal, trespassing, vandalism and break- ins can all be avoided. Having a proper security solution in place will not only create deterrence for criminals, it will also give you peace of mind.

What do the experts suggest?

It is always important to seek the advice of a professional security company or consultant to recommend the security system or solution that is suited to your property, the area as well as your lifestyle. There are various security systems that still stand as the most effective. These range fromalarm systems, toCCTV surveillancetoelectric fencing. The fact of the matter is that the more security that is in place, the more they will work together as a solution, lowering the risk of you becoming a target.

Residential security tips to keep top- of- mind in 2013

  • Install exterior lighting that can be remote controlled and or activated by a motion censor
  • Reduce or remove bushy plants outside your property and in your driveway
  • Increase/ improve visibility: try to remove high walls around property
  • Test alarm systems once a month
  • Install automatic gates: the more time spent in the vehicle, the better
  • Install a wrought iron gate in a “safe zone” inside the house: family can retreat in an emergency
  • Add an emergency speed dial on your phone

Rookie criminals will always find targets that they will be able to enter and exit in the least amount of time. Having a clear view of your home will always act as a deterrent as will varying security solutions around and within your property.

Experienced burglars might drive around a suburb for a few days or weeks, sussing out their perfect target. In a situation like this, the target will be watched for a period of time so that the robbery can be carefully calculated around comings and goings etc.

Retail and Industrial Properties

Shop owners, factories and other large industrial spaces are certainly not ignored by the wandering criminal eye. In fact, in many instances, these properties are hot targets. With millions of Rands worth of goods available, retail and industrial property tenants and owners simply cannot afford to not have the right security features and solutions.

Important security tips for 2013

  • Long distance lighting around property
  • Ensure that unauthorised access is restricted
  • Deadlock doors and windows
  • Record serial numbers and models of all property (printers, computers, parts etc)
  • Pre- program phones with emergency numbers
  • Install a safe that is out of the way and closely monitored
  • Develop a key and valuables control system
  • Test alarm systems once a month
  • Change passwords regularly

Every small, medium or large business faces risk and potential loss. It is important to take the time out to determine and assess your security needs, right down to the locks you have on your doors. Getting an experienced,PSIRA compliantsecurity company on your side will certainly go a long way in crime prevention.

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