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For years, we have been chasing secure, comfortable lifestyles. This has resulted in higher walls around our homes, often proving fruitless. When purchasing a property in a secure residential estate, it is done so with the understanding that one is investing in a secure lifestyle. This in turn makes the property more valuable.

As the Body Corporate, Trustees or Directors of a residential estate, it is your responsibility to ensure that all residents are indeed buying a “secure lifestyle”. Whatever the size of the residential property, estate security is only as good as the company and staff providing the services.

Kallvest (PSIRA compliant) employ estate security officers and staff who are accredited and who have undergone extensive amounts of training. We conduct thorough background checks on all security that we hire. 

Offering vast opportunity to our estate security staff, we promote growth and opportunity within the business through our training and development program.


Depending on the size of the residential property, Kallvest will assess various requirements, including:

  • The number of entrances and exits
  • The number of homes on the property
  • The height of the walls around the estate
  • The facilities on the property
  • The location

Once these assessments have been made, Kallvest will provide an estate security recommendation, made up of various security elements. These include:

Can’t we just employ non- compliant PSIRA service providers?

Estate Trustees should be aware of the legalities and high risks involved with the hiring of non- compliant estate security. In terms of the Sectional Titles Act of 1986, you could be personally held responsible should you be making use of these illegal security services.

How do I know that my security company is PSIRA compliant?

Before hiring an estate security company, it is important to check the following in order to guarantee that they are legal:

  • PSIRA accreditation and compliance
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Letters of good standing
  • Insurance liability cover

Kallvest understands that in residential estates, often criminal activity happens internally. We strive to provide the highest quality estate security services to all our clients and maintain a strong and crime free work force.