As a PSIRA compliant security company, Kallvest offers the guarding services of PSIRA registered and trained security guards to patrol small, medium and large properties 24 hours a day. Our guarding services are tailored to meet the specific security requirements that the client might have. The thousands of guards employed by Kallvest undergo re- training in terms of what the client requirements. This training includes Standard Operating Procedures of the site facilitated by our accredited SASSETA training centre.

Background Checks

New security guards joining our guarding services are all screened before they are even considered for the job. These background checks include a variety of aspects:

  • Employment References
  • ITC Checks
  • Ideco Criminal Checks

Rotational shifts and the number of guards required on a site is completely dependent on the unique guarding services that a client requests for. We ensure that guarding services are monitored through the use of a patrol baton that is linked to a GSM network. We have a stringent control room that monitors all patrol patterns. Each unit is fitted with a built in panic system and is able to receive calls directly.

Our guarding services ensure that should an intruder enter a property, our security guards activate the armed response units, hit all visible alarms and call SAPS. Of course, our guarding services and reactions may be tailored to support a particular set of criteria.

Contact Kallvest concerning all guarding services.