With technology advancements, CCTV and remote monitoring have become a valuable security service amongst businesses of all sizes. Loss prevention is an absolute must in today's trying times and making sure that you have a suitable and trustworthy security service in place will protect you from the unthinkable.

Our remote monitoring security service observes and records all events occurring at your site, from our control centre. Should an intrusion occur, our remote monitoring operators will, via audio link, warn intruders to vacate the site, dispatch armed response and SAPS to deal with the situation.

Remote monitoring value-added services include:

  • Digital video recording with virtually unlimited storage capabilities
  • Remote control of cameras
  • User definable recording schedules and video patrols
  • Intelligent motion detection and system integration with alarm systems
  • Reduction of liability insurance
  • Increased profits by reduction of theft and shrinkage

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